Week 40

Today is the last day of my 39th week…. on to #40!! That’s by my count anyway, doctor says it’s week 37 by the second due date. I saw a new doctor today and it was the best appointment I have had yet. My blood pressure was the same as it’s been for months.. 120/80. Baby’s heart rate was 137. I gained 4 more pounds, putting me at 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Don’t even want to think about how much I weigh now.
I am 4 cm dilated and “thinning out”. The contractions that I’ve been having for so long got a lot stronger today after my doctor’s appointment. And the doctor told me that even though August 4th is the “official” date that I am due, he won’t stop me now if I go into labor. I am now a full term pregnant woman, and though I’ve known that for a while, it was nice to hear the doctor actually say the words. The end is in sight!
July 7th was Drew’s guess for baby day and these contractions, while milder than they were, aren’t going away. It almost feels like it’s just Lakie kicking me but, it’s hard to describe, it feels different. Not to mention that when I feel this “kick” feeling in my lower belly, I also feel it around in my back. I’m afraid to cross my fingers for fear of being disappointed. I guess we’ll just have to hold on and take it as it comes.
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