New Shoes

We finally got around to getting Lakie a pair of new shoes today! She outgrew her others about 3 weeks ago and we just haven’t had the money to replace them but it’s been so chilly that we finally decided we needed to today. We went over to Stride Rite…. and no wonder she didn’t fit in the Babies R Us shoes… she was sized at a 5 extra-wide!! Extra-wide!? She looks so tiny and her feet really don’t look that wide to me but we got her a pair of brown leather boots and they are just so cute! She is very proud of them and keeps showing them off. *smile*

New Shoes - Lakin

As for my and the baby….. here’s our update. My belly is measuring 30½ cm, baby’s heartrate is usually right at 154 and baby feels like he/she is head down, dropped and engaged, although I know it’s early for that. I am about 3cm dilated. We have our home birth kit ready (mostly), house basically clean, we’re ready to go whenever baby is.

Lakin has become obsessed with the baby! She follows me in to the bathroom to “hug baby” and she pats my belly and says “my baby”….. she carries her baby dolls everywhere now, where before she didn’t seem to care much for them. I think she’s gonna be an excellent big sister!

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