One Week Old – A NICU Milestone

Addah is one week old today and her big sister Lakin is 17 months old today! At 10 this morning, Addah was doing very well: temperature still over 97º. She was wide awake when I nursed her at 10:15am and she is on ad-lib feedings by bottle now, meaning that I can nurse for as long as she wants and then see if she wants any bottle. If not, that’s fine too. She and I are much happier this way. It’s much easier to maintain a milk supply when I can actually nurse my baby without fear that she needs to stop and take a bottle or have it counted against her.

The social worker came in to tell me that the doctor thinks Addah can go home tomorrow morning, as long as her temperature remains up through today. She is supposed to have a car seat test, where she is put in her car seat and monitored for an hour to make sure she can breathe okay while upright, and a hearing screen test this afternoon. We are told that either a nurse will come to our house twice in the first week to check Addah’s temperature or we can take her to our pediatrician to check her temperature and weight. I would prefer to make an appointment with our pediatrician to having a nurse in my house, but I will do whatever needs to be done. I am so excited at the prospect of my little girl coming home.

I am catching up on nesting now…. doing all the laundry and dishes from when our power was out.

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