Where I’m From – The Story of Me

Where I’m From…
I am from the front porch swing, from Strawberry Shortcake and sweet tea.
I am from the flat-roofed house, square, blue, warm.
I am from the grass, azaleas, mountains, the trees, roses, and the river.
I am from one present on Christmas Eve and silly names for cats, from Cosette and Tom, Edith and Anne.
I am from the strong-willed and good-hearted.

From intelligent and a smart mouth.
I am from nature. All things green and good and light.
I’m from Virginia, Scotland, beef stroganoff and pancakes.
From the marriage that would not last, the friends that would not stay, and the life experiences that money can’t buy.
I am from the piano, 9 long fingers on ivory keys, music flowing.

Where I'm From - The Story of Me

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