Finished my huge wholesale order!

Two weeks ago I got my biggest wholesale order yet, 54 pairs of shoes and 1 custom (for the buyer’s son). I was thrilled, I was excited… I was scared to death that I’d never get all those shoes done. And whaddaya know, I got them all done in 9 days, with an extra 2 days for pictures, packaging and paperwork. Here they are:

The above 54 shipped today and will be available for purchase at Earthy Babes after October 3rd.

Now I’m working on 3 more custom orders ~ one for 32 pairs, one for 17 pairs and one for 20 pairs (10 of which will ship by Thursday). I am exhausted ~ and no WAY could I have gotten that first order done so quickly if it weren’t for my wonderful excellent husband, who doesn’t mind cutting out 100 pairs of shoes (which each have 12 pieces!), doesn’t mind having his every free moment consumed with kid’s shoes and who actually enjoys running the embroidery machine sometimes. Who could ask for anything more?

I was in bad shape Friday and Saturday ~ had an awful back cramp along one shoulder blade that made it hurt to even breathe. I was still insisting that I HAD to keep working until Drew pointed out that I was flushed and had a fever. I ended up taking a nap for 3 hours while he stayed home to watch the kids. I woke up feeling much better and he had a great morning building blocks and playing dolls with the girls.

Oh, speaking of dolls! I got the most GORGEOUS pocket babies from Steph of Dolls By Nature for the girls. I am in love with these little babies ~ only 6″ tall with hand-embroidered faces, soft velour bodies stuffed with wool and with soft mohair boucle yarn for hair. She tells me she has a couple new ones going up at Midday Faire tomorrow…. too bad I’m not wealthy or I’d seriously have them in every color combination. The girls just love ’em, they’ve been carrying them everywhere since we got them.

In other news, our car broke down AGAIN today. We have a 2001 Ford Focus. About 1½ years ago the steering column locked up on it, wouldn’t turn at all, couldn’t even put it into gear ~ we had it towed and since it wouldn’t go into gear, the towing company just dragged it up onto the bed, which of course ruined our tires. Ford wouldn’t pay for the tires to be replaced, so we did that out of pocket. This all happened right as we were moving to GA (it actually locked up when Drew was picking up our U-Haul truck).

So then like 5 weeks ago, right before my sister left, it locked up again, this time at Drew’s work. We opted to have a local mechanic fix it so that it wouldn’t have to be towed and ruin our brand new tires. It took the guy forever but he finally did do it.

And then today it’s locked up again. I am so mad I can’t see straight. This is ridiculous! It HAS to be a design flaw of the 2001 Focus… we found out that in 2002 Ford started using a completely new type of starter system then this flawed one. Consumer Reports shows many complaints of people with this same problem, yet Ford refused to recall it and they won’t even cover it anymore since we’re out of warranty. No one can afford to fix the same problem in the same car every friggin’ 6 weeks!

This time we’re taking the car back to Ford so that we have another actual report of it on file with them. Drew called them about getting the car towed tonight and they said they were locking the gates but we could feel free to leave the car outside the gates if we like. Um, no thanks. The guy Drew talked to at Ford said they have “never heard of problems like this before” ~ BS!

Is it always something?

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