Update on our car

Mr. Mechanic assured Drew yesterday that he will fix the car and not charge us anything (which Drew thinks is very nice of him, but its what I would have demanded, after all its only been a friggin month since he fixed it). So he is supposed to have gone to Ford this morning to get the part, to the locksmith to get it keyed at lunch and be over at Drew’s work fixing the car by 2pm. He told Drew it would be done today. I hope so ~ last time he said 48 hours and it was more like 9 days.

By the way ~ when Mechanic Guy went into Ford to get the part, they said “hey, didn’t you just buy this part from us a month ago?’ and when he told them it was for the same car/driver again, the guy said “really? wow, Ive never heard of any problem like this with any Ford before”. Okay he must live in a hole then… you can go to autosafety.org and put in 2001 Ford Focus and it comes up with all kinds of reports of the same problem: ignition locking, car wont start, key wont turn, etc. Don’t tell me that Ford repair has never heard of it ~ WE had our car repaired 1½ years ago for this same problem!

I am sending a letter of complaint to Ford Corporate with all of our repair receipts. We’ll see if they care. In my opinion, they really ought to recall the part and replace it completely.

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