I’m feeling so overwhelmed right now. I have 33 pairs of shoes here that are 75% done (just have the final sewing to do).

Drew and I have not stopped all weekend, him at the embroidery machine and me at the other sewing machine. I am so sore, my back aches terribly, Lakin and Addah didn’t sleep worth a darn last night so we’re both tired. Lakin keeps saying she has a headache and she wants to just sit in front the TV all day, doesn’t want to draw or color or play with anything that I’m trying to entertain her with, and Addah has a molar coming through on the bottom so she’s hanging on my leg fussing and wanting to nurse all day.

I’m sorry to whine…. but I have to have all of these shoes done by tonight in order to have time to sew up the elastic in all of them, take pics of all, package everything and get it sorted and shipped on Tuesday ~ so that I can attack the massive pile of laundry and get it all washed and packed Wednesday morning so that we can leave town at 6pm on Wednesday.

In my head I know that I can get them all done tonight, no sweat. Problem is my body doesn’t want to cooperate… I just don’t WANT to do any more sewing at all right now. I feel like I’m spinning and I just want to go sleep for 8 hours without being disturbed and not have any deadlines on me at all for awhile.

Once I finish these shoes tonight, that will bring me to 143 pairs of shoes made in 3½ weeks. No wonder I’m so freaking tired.

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