Merry Christmas to all!

We had an extremely way too busy Christmas season and I am so glad it is over. We did a lot of bending over backwards for family this year and it was not enjoyable. Seeing the family wasn’t bad at all but the trying so hard to please everyone sucked badly. We did get to see Drew’s mom, both here at our house twice, and at her house once for Christmas presents, and all visits went well, no blood spilled or anything, though getting on the same page about when we would actually exchange gifts was a bit frustrating.

We went to my mom’s on Friday, but Drew had a “dental emergency” the day before so he was a bit out of it, tired and in pain. It was nice to see everyone but we ended up driving around like 60% of the time because either the kids were getting into things in the non-childproof areas, or bothering Christmas gifts and candy that hadn’t been put away by others, or making too much noise for people who were sleeping in the middle of the day. I know, not our house, not our rules, but it’s impossible to chill our and enjoy yourself when you have to be constantly on your toes and diligent to keep your kids safe and to find *something* that they are allowed to touch.

On the way home we went to Drew’s dad’s house, which was not easy to find since the main road by him has construction going on and we had to use little back roads. It was a good visit and the girls love his yard.

All in all, next Christmas I think we’ll stay home and do our own thing and let anyone who wants our company to come see us instead of vice versa. We both came home with an intense feeling of “tired of doing for others and being unappreciated” and “never again”.

Here is a silly picture of Lakin and Addah ~ the sun was in their eyes, hence the weird expressions, but they’re still cuties.

Here’s Lakin doing some “sewing” on her new “wood sew ‘chine” from Brian’s Woodshop.

And here’s Hil with her new drum set, courtesy of Santa:

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