The big Moss Feet announcement…

Unfortunately, we are having to make some changes to Moss Feet Shoes with regard to our production level and wholesaling. I’d rather not get into the details with the entire internet world, but let’s just say that for very personal reasons, this is our only possible course of action right now.

We have had to make some tough decisions this past couple of weeks and it breaks my heart to say this, but we are going to have to seriously limit Moss Feet Shoes and stop selling wholesale for now, except to one company in very limited quantities. I simply cannot be in here working from 7am to 2am every day like I have been for months now. We have a grand vision for Moss Feet Shoes and it hurts badly to limit it now when we are doing so well, but we started this business so that I can be home and homeschool our girls, and they need me now, especially our oldest. There will always be time for grandness later, or so I tell myself.

As of today we have no open wholesale orders, down from 117 pairs we had still to do as of last Monday. All of it refunded, a good chunk of change, but a fair price for my sanity and our kids’ sakes. I plan to concentrate on Midday Faire and on a limited amount of customs per month, possibly in auction format. This means a significant decrease in our monthly income, as I was making more with Moss Feet than Drew makes in a month, but money is not what rules the world, and certainly not what rules our hearts or our family.

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