Monkey Wrench

About 4 months ago Drew applied for a job doing just what he does now, but at College of Charleston. We never heard back and assumed we wouldn’t. Well a lady called yesterday wanting him to come in for an interview. *sigh* Just when you think you have a plan…

One on hand it would be a lot more money and a more enjoyable job and location, not to mention the whole not-working-under-the-oppressive-MIL thing. We could save faster to move out west and be in Charleston in the meantime, where we have friends and are closer to my family and further from Drew’s.

On the other hand we really want for Drew to just quit and do Moss Feet full-time. Can we justify the cost of moving, just to turn around and save up to move again? Would it not be better to just stay put and keep saving what we can? But what if we fail, won’t we kick ourselves for not taking this opportunity? We’ve wanted to live in Charleston for a long time, and it’s hard not to see this as Fate giving us a little shove.

On the 3rd hand ^-^ when will we/Drew have time to go for an interview? He’s taking his last comp time tomorrow for my dental appointment. He has 2 weeks vacation but we’re planning our CA/WA trip for then. We *could* skip WA this time around except we were planning on leaving on a Saturday from here, and I doubt this lady’s gonna want to meet on a Saturday. And if she can do Saturday, we could do that *any* weekend, so maybe that’s an option. Or maybe she’ll just do a phone interview. I don’t want to muck up our planned vacation if this is going to be just another “dont call us, we’ll call you” interview. BUT if this is something we’re going to do, shouldn’t we NOT go to CA/WA and shouldn’t I reopen for customs so we can be getting moving money together?

I swear, sometimes I just get so tired of being an adult.

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