Friday, May 27th was Drew’s and my 5th wedding anniversary. Five years since we tied the knot in a small picnic shelter on a hot spring day. It feels like we’ve been married for so much longer, I can’t even remember when I didn’t have Drew to lean on and to love me.

We decided on the spur of the moment to go to Greenville for our anniversary. We left after Drew got out of work on Friday and got to G’ville at about 11 pm. We stayed with my mom Friday night, not because we really wanted to, but more that it was just easier than searching for a hotel at 11 pm. Drew and the girls went to bed around midnight but I ended up staying up until 4:40 am with Zeb, watching “National Treasure” with Nicholas Cage. I wasn’t expecting much (not a big fan of N. Cage) but it was a good movie, Drew will like it.

The next morning we had breakfast, hung around for a while waiting for Hilary’s boyfriend to show up and finally left before he got there ~ the kids were bouncing off the walls and we needed to escape. We drove around a little, got lunch, got a hotel room (our old staple, Motel 6) and I ended up falling asleep there while Drew and the girls watched some strange cartoon on cable. We went back to Mama’s for dinner and then she, I, Steph and Zeb went to A.C. Moore so I could get a new knitting needle (I really need a set of Denise needles). We wandered there for a very long time. Got home to the girls bored out of their minds and Drew giving me the look that means “I am sick of your mom’s house, get me to a hotel posthaste before I lose it”. Sooo, we left. The girls were asleep by the time we got there, so we sat around and watched TV for a bit before bed.

Sunday we left the girls with Papa and Laine ~ a first. We discussed discipline and other such issues ahead of time and I felt very confident that we were all on the same page there. Drew and I went by Jack-in-the-Box for a very unhealthy lunch, which we ate back at the hotel, before going to the theater to see “Star Wars Episode 3“. It was great, way better than Ep. 1 and 2, and also quite sad. It’s been so long since Drew and I got to go to a movie alone ~ that was really the best part. We finally made it back to pick up the kids 5 hours after we dropped them off, and they were so happy to see us. They said they had a good time at Papa’s and he said they were perfectly well-behaved. WHAT, my kids? Uh uh.

Monday morning we were supposed to meet Papa at 10 am, which should have been no big deal since our girls wake up between 7 and 8 am. The phone ringing woke us up ~ it’s Papa wondering where we are at 10:30 am. Ack! We rushed over there and joined the caravan that was Papa/Hil/Zeb/Chance/Sarah in one car and Colin/Steph in their car. We stopped for chicken and Subway and headed up to Table Rock ~ Drew’s and my most favorite place, and where we got married. We hung out, ate lunch, the older kids went out in canoes and the youngers sat with us on the bank of the lake and played.

On the way back we stopped at a little ice cream place and finally headed home around 4:15 pm. A pretty uneventful ride home ~ the kids were a little grumpy, as were Drew and I. We never have fun on the ride back to south GA.

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