Hair Dye – Too Much, Too Long, Too Red!

I decided that I needed hair dye. I have a lot of white hairs… a whole lot. They are mostly in my crown but I also have long white hairs. I look way older than I am (in my opinion) because of this premature grayness. My loving brother Colin was teasing me that I look 35, rather than 25, so I decided I’d dye my hair. Now keep in mind here that I used to dye my hair a lot so I mostly know what I’m doing in that respect. I dyed my hair all the time in high school and dyed it last summer ~ dyed my sister’s hair blue too.

So I grabbed a box of the new “Fearless” Herbal Essences dye at the store today and as soon as the kids went to bed, gooped up my hair and sat down at the computer to wait 25 minutes before rinsing. I’m typing an email when the lens of my glasses falls out and I have to scramble around blind to find a tiny screwdriver and the teeny weeny screw in the carpet. I assemble the glasses and put them on ~ well hey, it’s been 40 minutes now. FORTY!

I ran to the shower and rinsed it out (which was awful, there was way more RED to this than I thought and I looked like I was being slaughtered in the shower). I toweled it and wiped off the mirror. GOOD GRIEF ~ it’s RED. Like, I look like I’m trying to be 16 or a rock star groupie hot bright rainbow RED. *sigh*

Drew laughed at me but pointed out that it did in fact cover the grey/white hairs. Ha.

PLEASE let this rinse out more when I shower tomorrow! laugh Really, I’m trying to deal with it and I am laughing at myself ~ but I did not intend to get this color at all…. soooo not the look I was going for.

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