Good-bye South Georgia!

I keep blogging in my head but unfortunately, that doesn’t help get it uploaded here. The short story is that we’re leaving south Georgia ~ moving back to South Carolina next weekend (8-27/28). Lots of reasons, one pressing and urgent reason that I don’t have time to explain at the moment, but basically, this house isn’t a good place for us to be anymore. This area sucks and stinks and we both have hated it since before we moved here. We have the money saved to move so…. no reason to stay.

We’re hoping to get an apartment or condo in the Clemson area, about 45 minutes from my parent’s houses. In the interim, we’ll be staying with my mom. This will be interesting. She offered, we waffled, not sure if we wanted to sacrifice our heavily guarded privacy and independence. In the end, it would have been selfish and stupid to turn her down, since we’d have had to stay here another month. Another months means another rent payment and another month’s utility bills.

She has a basement with a guest area by the living room ~ sectioned off just by heavy draperies. But Zeb and Hil will be starting school on Monday and they’ll be gone all day; Zeb will have work in the evenings; Hil will be out with Jesse a lot; Mama works all day and Terry works days and some nights. It won’t be like we’re totally in the way.

We’re still not thrilled by it, but it was incredibly generous of them to offer and we’re hoping we won’t need to stay there more than a few days. Papa is driving down next Friday with his wife and we’ll pack the truck on Saturday and drive to Greenville Saturday evening. We’ll have all of our work stuff and clothes in our car to keep with us, the stepmother will have our animals in her car and Papa and the truck will have all of our furniture and boxes. We’ll store them in a storage unit in Greenville until we get moved in somewhere.

Work ~ well we can’t stop working even though we’re packing. No way, we’d get so behind. So life here is pack, work, pack, work, etc. We have a wholesale order due by Tuesday that should be finished by tomorrow and by Wednesday we’ll be an entire week ahead with customs ~ giving us just a tad of leeway to take a day off for packing the truck and moving without falling woefully behind.

Knitting progress ~ I’ve got no pictures to share right now but I finished the Chutes & Ladders socks from the Six Sox Knitalong and finished 2 pairs of adorable striped baby socks for an order. I’m about 75% done with these fab knitted pants with cablework on the waistband and done the legs in racing stripes ~ they’re from Peace Fleece Father’s Grey and for Miss Addah for winter.

I’ve cast on for a pair of pants from LTK’s farm wool for a trade and I have Clapotis tonight from KnitPicks Andean Silk in Chocolate as a Christmas present for someone special. LONG to-do list. Need more hours in the day.

Pics to come soon, I PROMISE.

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