It calls to us, the knitting…

I’m hearing the siren-song of Startitis. I have one pair of knee socks, a Saranac sweater and 2 pairs of pants on the needles, 5 pairs of socks, a spiral scarf and another pair of pants to be made. All of these must be finished by the end of the month, except for Saranac, whose deadline is more like December 15-ish. So tell me why I yearn to start a celtic cable cap, a pair of I-cord gloves for me, a hemp belt for Drew, gloves for myself, a Weasley sweater for each of the girls and Christmas stockings for both girls. The Weasley sweater is calling me the loudest but I’m trying to focus on what I need to get knitted so that I can start on it.

I updated my to-do list today and it looks a little daunting, though it’s less so than it was last week. With work to do and boxes of half-finished shoes overflowing my shelves, I cannot work tonight – I’m waiting on a late shipment of leather. Eternally late – looks like we’re going to have to switch suppliers yet again. It would make life so much easier if everyone who ran a business did so in a professional way.

Oh and to add to this comedy of errors, I broke my hand. Not a bad break, just a little fracture of the lower part of my middle finger and the joint of that finger, but it hurts like hell. I was chasing my oldest down the hall and my foot caught on the Playstation cord left out the night before. I continued running for two more steps, causing the cord to spiral up to my knees before catching and felling me. I landed with all of my considerable weight on my right hand, then hit my knees and scraped them up.

I have just been dealing with the pain all week but last night it got really bad and I had my mom (a nurse) look at it. It was she who diagnosed it as broken – it’s pretty obvious that it is though, I can’t really move that finger without a lot of pain. My hand is bandaged all up with my middle and ring fingers splinted together. Good for the pain, not so good for the knitting that needs to be done.

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