17 days until Christmas

17 days until Christmas… really 16½ if you want to get technical, since today is nearly over.

I haven’t yet cut my Christmas gift list but I think I’m going to have to accept that inevitability. I may bump my goal finishing date for Lakin’s Weasley back to New Year’s Day and cut Hilary’s scarf out completely – she will understand more than the kids would. Drew’s Saranac is still a possibility and I really want to get it done.

I must get the girls’ socks done. I must get their Christmas stockings done. I must get Steph’s Shimmer shrug finished by the 18th when she leaves on her Christmas cruise. I must make four pairs of baby socks for a friend and I must make 9 pairs of mittens for other friends and their kids.

Speaking of Shimmer, I’ve got one sleeve done and the back up to where the sleeves must be joined. The lozenge pattern wasn’t nearly as fidgety as I’d feared it would be and I really like the way it looks. Now I’ve got another 19½” of black sleeve ahead of me and then I can join and I’ll be nearly home free.

I finished the Manos pants last week but just now copied the picture over from the camera. My friend decided she wants a matching hat and mittens – I’m hoping to finish those by morning so I can get these sent off to her.

I started Lakin’s stocking this past weekend while I waited for the inspiration to make Shimmer’s second sleeve to hit. The stocking is my first experience with colorwork and I’m rather pleased with myself. Following the chart isn’t half as hard as I thought it would be. I was even able to knit to the chart while watching The Polar Express.

I got my Secret Santa gift in the mail yesterday. It’s a couple days late but it seems like all of us are running a bit behind so it shouldn’t be a problem. I made a chocolate brown Booga Bag from Peruvian Highlands wool and filled it with some yummy cinnamon Chai Tea, a spiral knitted scarf and yummy handmade soaps made by friends. My Secret Santa pal is a wonderful lady who I have worked with at MDF for two years. She’s a sweet wonderful person and I was so happy to have been matched to her.

In business news, we are now stocking all of our shoes — both custom orders and instock shoes — at our own store. We have made the very difficult decision to leave Midday Faire. It’s been an amazing 2½ years and I have made some of the best friends money can’t buy. It was just time for us to move on. I won’t pretend not to be sad about it, but I know it was the right move for us. I’ve spent a lot of time today playing with our store, which is set up through Very Shop (run by Jessica, the Very Mom). It’s got so much functionality, it’s been fun just flipping through all of the options and seeing what all can be done.

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