And on a personal note…

Not too personal, since this has evolved into mainly a knitting and business blog, and since a little chunk of my hits are from those whom we choose not to talk to…. but I digress.

Our car has been out of commission for nearly 3 weeks now. First it went in for a brake drum and wheel bearing replacement and then an hour after we got it out of the shop, it died. Turns out it threw a rotor and a cam locked up and “ripped through the engine”. It now needs a new engine and new radiator, with a dash of new front and rear brakes on the side. All to the sweet tune of $2.5k. Lovely.

We’re in raise-money-however-we-can mode here, but really it’s not too bad not having a car. We’ve been walking anywhere from 1-3 miles per day to the grocery store and storage unit and we’re getting in shape, so that’s something.

Drew had a third interview with a company he worked for before, so that looks good and it’s part-time, so it will bring in the extra income we need to finally squash the debt we’ve been carrying for years, while still allowing him to be here and work at Moss Feet. As soon as they get the results of his drug test, which of course isn’t a problem, they’ll schedule him to come in and fill out the final paperwork.

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