Dragon Scale Socks (in progress)

Here’s my progress on the Sockapaloooza socks since yesterday morning (when I cast on the toe).

I am doing a stranded pattern on the front of the foot, plain stockinette on the sole, short row heel (and this heel is *perfect* y’all, especially only being my second short row heel) and then the stranded pattern up the leg. I borrowed the stranded part from Crusoe at Knitty but I’m not following the pattern (in fact I haven’t even read it, except to get the stranded section down).

I’ve got 64 stitches around with the stranded section as follows:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: *K2, move yarn to front of work, slip 2 as if to purl, move yarn to back of work* — repeat to end
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: *Move yarn to front of work, slip 2 as if to purl, move yarn to back of work, k2* — repeat to end

Easy peasy and looks so cool – combined with the Cherry Tree Hill “Life’s a Beach” yarn, it reminds me of dragon scales. I’m working up the leg now and then on to the second sock. I’m not 100% sure that these will go to my Sockapaloooza pal yet, I think I’m becoming too attached to them to send them away. I have more sock yarn on the way so I might change my mind about what stays with me. 😉

Oh oh ~ I’m getting Hufflepuff yarn from Dani at Sunshine Yarns!! I go back frequently to admire Alison’s self-striping Gryffindor socks (yarn by Dani) and I finally gave in to my urges. I emailed Dani through etsy and she’s dyeing black & yellow Hufflepuff yarn for me this weekend. I am so insanely excited I can hardly stand it…. I have told everyone in the house about a dozen times about my uber-cool Hufflepuff yarn.

Oh ah… did I mention I was getting Hufflepuff sock yarn?

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