Harry Potter and the Knit Dragon Socks

The knit socks formerly known as “Dragon Scale” shall henceforth be known as “Common Welsh Green”. I was merrily knitting along last night, admiring the stranded perfection of this well-fitting sock and it hit me… I need a whole series of Dragon Socks! So in honor of my Harry Potter obsession fetish hobby, I’m in search of the perfect yarn & sock patterns to celebrate each of the four dragons from the first task of the Triwizard Tournament from “Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire”.

The first dragon is the Common Welsh Green:

Harry Potter and the Knit Dragon Socks
Harry Potter and the Knit Dragon Socks

The second sock is in progress, just past the toes. I’m working hard on this one today and hope to have it finished by tomorrow.

The second pair, the Swedish Short-Snout, will be made from the Jaywalker pattern with Sockotta yarn in a cool blue-grey-green blend. I started this sock about a month ago but have since moved it to scrap yarn and since I don’t even remember what size needles I was using, I’ll be ripping and restarting once my Welsh Green socks are finished. Pictures forthcoming…

The third pair will be the Chinese Fireball, which is described by the Lexicon as “scarlet with a fringe of golden spikes around its face”. I have no suitable yarn for these so I’m open to suggestions. I think I will use Marnie’s Wyvern pattern for these, both beautiful and dragon-esque. 😉

Then the final pair will be the Hungarian Horntail, which is described as “black scales, bronze horns, spiked tail”. I need both yarn and pattern suggestions for this one. I’m thinking something lacy (but not too much so), something spiky looking and again… dragon-like. For yarn, maybe a black/grey/bronze-ish variegated.

I’m undecided on yarn type for the last two pairs. I want to branch out into nice yarn (as I have with the Cherry Tree Hill for the Common Welsh Green). Maybe Artyarns Supermerino? More Cherry Tree Hill? Socks that Rock? Sunshine Yarns? Lorna’s Laces?

Anyone else want to knit Dragon Socks along with me? 🙂

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