I got jobs!

I forgot to mention it but I started a new job this past week. I’m working at Yarns Forever, a local yarn shop. My boss is wonderfully nice and my co-workers are super friendly. The hours are flexible and allow me to drop off the girls in the morning and pick them up right when Lakin’s school gets out, as well as take off for important school things and make the hours up on the weekends, when Drew has the girls. I feel lucky to have found this job and at a good pay rate as well.

I worked my tail off this week — Red Ribbon Week — at Lakin’s school. Friday was the parade and Addah & I were at the school from 7:15 to 3. Hil & Jesse joined us for a couple of hours while we blew up 600 helium balloons and then counted them out and distributed them to each classroom.

It ended up raining, which was a bit of a disappointment to the kids and to the volunteers (and to me, seeing as how both Mama and Chris were planning to drive in the parade and I’d spent 4 hours on Thursday making up car signs at the school), but we made the best of it. The kids got their balloons and they marched up and down the hallways screaming “Hands off Drugs” and “Be Smart! Choose the Arts!” and “Tobacco makes you wacko” and every other anti-drug sentiment you can think of. The kids had a blast and the volunteers clapped and hollered and cheered.

I took a ton of pictures, which I need to get resized this afternoon. George, the school counselor (a very cool man indeed, he dressed up as Thing 1 for the parade), asked me to email him all of the pictures this weekend and the weekend is drawing to a close.

The volunteers on the Red Ribbon Committee were teasing all day that I should take over as chairman next year — even the current chairman said so — so I thought about it this weekend and let her know that I’m happy to take on the job.

I’m also co-leader of the Arts Alive booth committee and that’s shaping up to be a lot of fun. We’re waiting on teachers to sign up for their desired booths now and that in itself is an adventure. 😉

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