I was in a wreck

I was on my way to Eric’s studio to see his art show. Stopped at a red light. It turned green and I pulled out into the intersection and was slammed. A car ran two red lights by the fire station and hit me. I was in Drew’s truck and it spun twice. My head hit the driver’s side window and cracked the glass. Truck is totaled. Thank god I wasn’t in my car or I could have been killed, seriously. Thank god the kids weren’t with me.

I spent a couple hours at the ER getting x-rays and such. I’m okay but my head, neck, shoulder and upper back really hurt. 🙁 I’m taking pain medication and muscle relaxers. I don’t hurt as bad as I thought I would today but I’m stiff and sore/aching.

I had just called my friend Elizabeth when I was hit and my phone flew across 4 lanes of traffic, where the cop found it. It’s not broken at all, just skidded up. E heard me get hit… how freaky must that have sounded?

The driver was an 18-year old girl in a brand new 2006 Volvo. She got out of the car on her phone and said “omg was that my fault?” — luckily two women stopped to be witnesses and they told her that yes, it was her fault. She accepted blame, said she just didnt see the red lights.

I guess Drew and I are going to get a rental car this afternoon after Eliz leaves? I really don’t want to get up at 6 every morning to take him to work and this other girl’s insurance should pay for whatever we need. Her car was totaled too by the way… I’ll bet her daddy is angry with her today.

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