Carried Away (HP Fan Fiction)

Carried Away

The hot kiss on the nape of her neck startled her and she fell against the witch statue in front of her. One hand reached out to trigger a secret catch in the stone and she was guided down the short flight of stairs, his hands on her body, his tongue on her throat.

Fred whirled her around and pressed her back hard against the rough stone wall, his heated tongue exploring every curve of her mouth. He cupped the back of her neck with one hand, the other fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. Eloise reached down to pull the blouse from her waistband and it hung open, exposing her white cotton bra. Her hard pink nipples strained against the fabric and he pinched one hard bud between his thumb and forefinger. Her eyes flew open as she gasped, her knees buckling a little.

He stepped back and pulled his robe and shirt off, spreading them haphazardly on the cold floor. “Come here,” he whispered in a husky voice. “Come lie with me.” She took his hand and stepped toward him. He pushed her onto her back on the wool robes, rolling up her blouse to prop under her head.

She watched him with heavily lidded eyes, one of her fingers lazily circling a nipple. He moved to lie by her side, bending to take one nipple in his mouth. He suckled it through the soft cotton while his other hand spread over the smooth skin of her stomach. She moaned and ran her hands down his chest to rub his hard cock straining his trousers.

His eyes closed and his chin tipped up as he groaned in pleasure. He reached down, deftly working the button and zipper of his trousers. She folded her hands around his cock as soon as he released it and stroked it in hard long motions. He reached down to flip up her pleated skirt, shoving her moist knickers to the side and sliding a finger deep into her heat. Her muscles tightened as he slid a second finger inside her. He worked both fingers hard against her hot spot while she continued to slide her tight fingers along his swollen shaft.

“I’m… I’m so… so close Fred,” she gasped, her breasts heaving against his wandering tongue. Supporting his weight on his free hand, he slid down her body. Her hand fell away from his cock as he lowered himself until his face was even with her tiny erect clitoris. He lapped at it tentatively and she bent her knees up and spread them to allow him better access. He took the nubbin into his mouth entirely, nibbling and licking until she arched her back and pulled his face harder into her center. “Going to… come… please. Come with me… I need you.”

He raised up to look at her pleading face, wiping her juice from his chin as he fumbled through his robe for his wand. “Contraceptium,” he said in a hushed tone, his eyes never leaving her face as he touched the glowing tip of the wand to her lower belly. The glow spun out from the contact point, soaking into her sweaty skin.
He tossed his wand to the side and gripped her knees, pulling her closer until the tip of his erection butted against the silky softness of her nether lips. She reached up to wrap her hands around his waist and pulled him toward her. He closed his eyes and sunk his full length within her cunt. She moaned his name and he covered her mouth with his own in a ravenous kiss. She tasted her musk on his tongue and nibbled at his lips while he pounded hard inside her.


“Yes… right there!”

She clutched his chest, face buried against his collarbone. He threw his head back, eyes squeezed closed, his teeth biting his lower lip as they came together, her tight muscle spasms milking his hot seed deep into her.
He fell forward onto her, resting his chin below hers with his sweaty red hair falling on her face. She blew upward, giggling as she tried to move the errant strands resting across her eyes. Laughing with her, he nipped at her mouth and then at her throat, tickling her and sending them both into peals of silliness punctuated every few moments by lingering kisses.

A low knock and then the sound of stone scraping interrupted their laughing kisses. They both looked up as George Weasley slid through the hidden entrance. He stopped, looking down at the couple tangled on the stone floor, at her bra, panties and skirt, at Fred’s disheveled trousers bunched around his knees. His expression was one of both amusement and exasperation.

“For Merlin’s sake! Would it kill you two to wait for me? Just once in awhile?”

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