Snow Day!

It snowed today! *happy dance*

Chris woke me up at 5:15am with a text message: “It’s snowing!!!” I dressed quickly and ran outside to see. It was gorgeous, a thick blanket over everything. Snow… the like of which we just never see down here in the South. We grinned and happy danced like small children, caught snowflakes in our hands and on our faces, called our friends and family to tell them to look out their windows.

Once the girls woke up we bundled them up and walked up to the park by Lakin’s school, about a mile away. The snow on the roads was still basically untouched, just a few footprints here and there. There were kids in the park building snowmen and the happiness was just contagious. We threw snowballs until the girls’ mittens were wet and then we trekked back to warm up.

We thought we might lose power (our neighborhood frequently does) and neither Chris nor I has heat so we packed up the kids and ventured out to visit some friends. The men started a fire in the fireplace; the women settled the girls in to watch some Noggin and play. We spent a good bit of the day playing Risk. Chris won as always, James knocked me out of the game right off the bat. World domination is obviously not meant to have a place in my life.

We headed home around 7pm, tucked the kids into bed and then Chris headed home… I had a hot cup of cocoa and I’m headed to bed myself. By morning the snow will be patchy and by midday it will be mostly gone… but while it’s here, it feels magical.

ChrisGirls_SnowDay2-1-07 ColinStephanie2-1-07 GirlsSnow_SnowDay2-1-07

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