Election Day by Adam Duritz

This was written on Friday – a viewpoint of Election Day by Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows… I really like it.
“Today in 1920, on Tuesday, November 2, 144 years after the establishment of our democratic republic, women in the United States of America first exercised en masse their long overdue right to vote. Yes, we still practice discrimination, and no, we’re still not, and probably never will be, a utopia. But today in America, and on every day since that Tuesday 87 years ago, we make our mistakes and our triumphs together as one nation of free people in which every one of us has a voice. Your vote is your voice. Some people fought a war to win that right, other suffered through centuries of slavery AND war before getting it, and lastly, on this day in 1920, after nearly a century and a half of demanding what they had deserved all along, the half of our population that was still being denied their voice finally spoke out and made this nation whole.However many different ways we are splintered as a people, we always have a chance on every Election Day to be whole, to be a truly United States. It will always seem like the most divisive of all days but it doesn’t have to be and, if you think about it, it really isn’t. It isn’t divisive because even in disagreement, we, as Americans, have agreed. We are all here and we have agreed to come together in this compact of democracy. After all, the truest proof of a strong Union is a people who have sworn to live together peaceful and united not in agreement, but in disagreement. Agreement is easy. Our mutual and national disagreement is a vow and a compact we have sworn and re-affirmed over and over again for 233 years now, failing only once to live up to the ideals our founding fathers set down in the summer of 1776.

There were times in our history when our democracy was not truly a democracy, when some Americans had no voice, but that isn’t true anymore. This is our country and it will become what we make of it. We are not victims. We have a choice. Go out and make that choice.

And do yourselves a favor: mark down November 2, 1920 in your calendars. Remember it whether you’re a man or a woman and regardless of the color of your skin because, although we accomplished our democracy in fits and starts over a lot of years, we did accomplish it in the end on THIS date. So remember November 2, 1920, because, in a way, today was the 87th anniversary of the day America truly became the United States.”

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