Car Issues

My license is suspended right now and my car doesn’t have a tag… long story. Short version is that when my old car broke down in December last year, I wasn’t driving it so let my insurance lapse for 2 months. I bought my current car in February but due to miscommunication the tag never got transferred. I thought the seller was doing it… he thought I was doing it. We finally figured out that no one had done it in July. I went to the DMV to get it taken care of and they tell me that b/c they have no record of the ford belonging to me, only the (broken down) Lumina, I have been driving an uninsured vehicle (in their eyes) since December. Apparently they suspended my license in early February, but I never got the notice b/c I had moved in at Craig’s.

AND they say I should have turned my car tag in… to do it now and clear the tag will be $400, plus $24 for a new one for the Ford. $250 to clear my license fees, after I get my insurance company to tell them that I have been insured since February, which won’t matter until I get those tags transferred (late transfer fee: $75). Oh and before I do anything else, I have to prove that I live here — they don’t accept the school letter, county tax notice or insurance cards that I have, and I obviously have no utility bills, so how to prove this is still uncertain — but it will cost $25 to change it. Ah yes, and my taxes were paid 14 days too late, back in June, so that will be a $50 late fee.

All told it’s going to cost me $825 to get my car and myself back on the road. I have no means to get my hands on that kind of money. I can’t even get a job cause I have no car. After all my bills, I have $0 to set aside so… it might as well be a million dollars.

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