I’ve met someone :D

I’m completely enamored.

His name is Kory and he’s taking the same class that I am now – Strategies of Online Learning. Our class has forums where we post assignments and daily posts for attendance, commenting on whatever we’re learning and so forth. It’s our “virtual classroom”. Kory and I started bantering back and forth in our introduction posts 4 weeks ago. He’s incredibly smart — in fact, we’ve been driving the entire class conversations since day 1.
I got up the courage to email him outside of class last week — the class conversation had turned to politics, which are forbidden “in class” so I wanted to continue it via email. We did… and then moved on to art and music and writing and our personal lives.

We’ve been emailing basically non-stop during waking hours for over a week and somewhere along the way it became very apparent that we are very attracted to each other, both in an intellectual way and a physical way.
He’s 35 and a disgruntled Army platoon sergeant, currently stationed in Iraq (until February), where he assures me that he does nothing more dangerous than push papers around. He’s a Korean linguist specialist supervising Arabic linguist specialists. He’s been in the Army for 15 years and plans to stay in for 5 more and then retire and become a self-employed Internet cartoon animator.

I feel butterflies in my stomach when I see his name in my inbox — in fact I feel them when I see ANY email in my inbox lately, and have to scan quickly to see if it’s from him. I’ve not felt so much like a very happy and giddy teenager since I *was* a teenager.

I actually grinned earlier today while reading and responding to an email from him. Zeb thought that was pretty hilarious.

Kory and I are writing these long long long emails about all these things that we do and have done and have learned and pondered, hopes and dreams and fears and regrets. I feel like I’ve known him for far longer than the 4 weeks we’ve been in class together.
Iraq is 7 hours ahead of us, and he’s on a backward schedule right now anyway, so he goes off duty (without computer access, damnit) at midnight my time and then he’s sleeping or otherwise unable to get online until 4pm or so my time. It’s been the longest stretch of time ever I think.

I really really like him! I’m happy. When the heck did that sneak up on me?

And happy with a soldier no less! WTF?!

I’m this anti-war peace-loving liberal… and I have had *numerous* discussions with Hilary that amounted to me saying that I could NEVER date a soldier, particularly a deployed soldier, but any soldier really.

It certainly wasn’t in any plan of mine to be this infatuated with an Army guy who’s actually stationed in a war zone. Zoinks.

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