President-Elect Obama

I’m recovering from staying up all night watching election coverage and analysis… was it Florida that did it or the Iowa caucuses? /insert endless debate

I’m all about the President-Elect Obama… GO OBAMA!!! *squee* I think he’s awesome and I really believe what he says. I could totally have been one of those happy grinning people out in the crowd last night with tears in my eyes screaming “Yes we can!”

I love to watch him & Michelle and how they interact with each other. It makes my heart glad to see how often they hold hands and kiss and touch each other. He introduced her as “my best friend for 16 years, the love of my life.” *melt* She waited for him near the curtain last night when they were leaving the stage so she could wrap her arm around his and then hold his hand.. all entwined. I dig it… it appeals to my sense of him being a really good person, in addition to being fucking brilliant.

I’m usually this pessimistic anti-American prick, but today I feel proud of what our country has done and eager to see where we go from here. I have so much less dread in my heart about the America that my daughters will inherit.

I love elections… but watching President-Elect Obama’s speech last night went a long way toward making up for the shitty feeling I had when Gore (who I also truly believed in, and still do) lost the election 8 years ago. I’m eager for January 20, 2009 to arrive… the end of an error.

Oh and Biden too… I heart Biden. I picture his grandkids having sleepovers with Obama’s little girls and grin involuntarily. That’s so fucking cool! Way to go us for picking such awesome people to repair and lead our country.

It’s a great day to be a political fangirl!

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