Knitting To-Do List

I’m trying to go through my knitting and get it somewhat organized. I’ve got unfinished projects that have been sitting untouched for far too long and they’re starting to make me feel crazy. I have new things I want to make but I promised myself I’d wrap up old before starting new… so here we go.

To Finish:
* Seam up mitered square blanket and add a border.
* Finish Isabel’s baby blanket (she’ll be 1 in April, jeesh I am slack)
* my Susie hoodie (preferably before it’s no longer cold)
* Mama’s socks (almost to the heel on the second one, so these are close to done)
* Finish the girls’ sea anemone (need more yarn, will get on Friday)
* Weave in ends on my new clapotis
* Weave in ends on Craig’s birthday washcloths
* Rethink the length on the “King Blanket”… I have a Queen size bed… I think the King-ness of it is a little too much, not to mention that it’s never going to get done at this rate.)

Next up:
* Jaywalker socks for me (the pair I have now are so comfy but getting worn… need more)
* Baby sweaters/socks/hats/stuff for Hilary & Jesse’s baby-to-be
* Socks for Wayne (maybe worsted weight for boot socks?)
* More socks for me… I’m wearing out all of my old ones and I hate wearing store-bought socks.

Ideally, I’d like to finish the “To Finish” stuff by the middle of February, but certainly by the end. That’s a month, 38 days away. That’s totally do-able.

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