An end of November update

Nothing conclusive to report as far as being pregnant or not being pregnant goes. Still no period, and I just started taking my temperatures last week, so that’s not really helpful in establishing a pattern. I’m on day 63 of my cycle. I’ve been nauseous every day, some days more than others. I’ve had migraines several times a week, which are awful… and really uncommon for me. I’m bloated and just generally feel crappy. However, the two pregnancy tests I’ve taken were so pale that you could only call them positive if you squint and tilt them *just right* in the light. Sometimes I feel like I must be pregnant, and other times I feel like I just really want to be, but am not. Only time will tell, because the finances aren’t there for a doctor’s visit right now.

David’s sister Mishelle had a beautiful baby boy last Monday, November 22. His name is Jasper and he’s as cute as a button. We got to hang out with Mama and baby a few days ago, which was a lot of fun and of course, made my baby lust rage uncontrollably…. David’s too.

In other news, David’s car has been overheating badly due to a large hole in the water pump. We were having to put water in the car every 5 miles in order to get anywhere. Fortunately, we have awesome friends who helped us out and we were able to get the car fixed. It’s getting amazing gas mileage now… a full tank of gas has lasted us a week, whereas before the water pump was replaced and the oil changed, we were filling up the tank every other day.

Thanksgiving came and went, and the best I can say about it is that we’ve decided that future holidays will be spent with our own little four person family, with exceptions being only few and far between. This will probably cause some strife as the Christmas holidays get closer, but we’ll just have to deal with that when it gets here.

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