Cold as Stone

This Halloween, David and I had a tough time trying to decide what costumes to create. We settled on Medusa and a Spartan soldier who has been turned to stone.

My costume wasn’t incredibly difficult, just time-consuming to create. I braided and twisted dozens of dreadlocks from my stash of various green yarns. David made several strands of awesome beads out of polymer clay, including snake heads for the tips of some of the dreadlocks. I tied these in groups onto strips of black netting, which I tied around ponytails all over my head.

As for the rest of my costume, I wore solid black… a satin corset top, black skirt, tights and slippers, with my long black coat over it all.

David’s costume was a lot more difficult to make, but we had figuring it out. I made his helmet out of a milk jug, cardboard and a lot of duct tape. He cut his shield from a double layer of cardboard and fashioned a handle for the back… covered all the edges in duct tape to smooth it out. The armor we made from poster board, with duct tape to extend the sides so that it would fit better. The greaves and leg armor were made from cardboard. We spray painted the whole thing with Krylon “stone look” paint. With white grease paint on his face and hands, white pants and shirt, hair sprayed white and all of the armor on, the effect was really very impressive.

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