Spring Break 2011

Spring Break came just in time! We were craving a break from the monotony of our daily lives, and David’s hectic work schedule, we packed up and headed to the beach for the weekend. We set out for Charleston but decided along the way that we’d go to Myrtle Beach, SC instead. We found a cheap motel right on the sand, within walking distance of a little restaurant and one of those super huge retail stores that are everywhere at the beach.

After a long afternoon spent playing “Marco Polo” in the wave pool, we headed down to the ocean to collect shells and enjoy the salty breeze. It was chilly, even with the sun shining, but we walked a long ways and the girls had great fun chasing the waves in and out with the tide. We meandered back to our hotel room, where we ate some dinner and watched an enthralling episode of “iCarly” with the girls (“omg, Sam kissed Freddie!”).

Late that night, we witnessed a magnificent storm over the water. Purple lightning that touched the waves and skittered across the sand dunes. Really quite lovely from our motel’s deep front porch.

Spring Break - Myrtle Beach, SC
Spring Break - Myrtle Beach, SC
Addah with a crab leg she found!
Spring Break - Myrtle Beach, SC
My handsome David

The next day we walked all around and through Broadway at the Beach, ogling the huge Israeli carp that stalk the waters there, waiting for someone to throw them a crust of bread or handful of fish food. We enjoyed watching the salt water taffy being made (enjoyed eating it too!) and lamented not planning for Magiquest. I know the girls would just love using interactive magic wands to slay dragons and rescue fair maidens.

It was a lot of fun, and fun on a budget at that! We spent less than $200 on the entire trip, motel, food & gas included. A very successful end to the girls’ Spring Break week!

Spring Break - Myrtle Beach, SC
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