Our Garden Has Fairies!

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Our garden has gone crazy in the last 3 weeks!

We built and planted our square foot garden over Mother’s Day weekend and in the short time since, our vegetables have grown tremendously. The girls are responsible for watering the plants each day and they love this job… it’s the only one they don’t complain about! In addition to water duty, they keep an eye out for the fairies that they insist are hanging out in our garden when we’re not looking.

The Roma tomato plants were about 6 inches tall when we planted them. The garden stakes that I bought were too tall by several inches. Now the tomatoes are almost 2 feet tall, with buds sprouting all over. The larger tomatoes, two “Big Boys” and one “Mr. Stripey“, a funky variety that is supposed to be yellow with dark stripes, were 6 inches when we transplanted them and they are now around 15 inches tall.

The bell pepper, cucumber and eggplant are luscious and full and the watermelon and cantaloupe have assured me that they are going to require more room before the end of summer. On the back row, the snap peas are reaching tall, entwining their delicate tendrils around the rainbow yarn trellis we created. The bush beans are just barely starting to poke their way through the soil, but they’ll catch up quickly, I’m sure.

My favorite part of the garden is the row of spinach and lettuce, which sprouted last weekend. I cannot wait to pick my garden salad from the front yard!

The parsley and rosemary have doubled in size and the lavender has flowers that are about to open. The sweet mint has stayed true to its reputation… it’s 4x the size it was when we brought it home from the nursery!

My mexican heather came back to life after being neglected last year. I picked up 2 dying dahlias at Lowe’s last week on the clearance shelf, planted & watered them as soon as we got home, and they looked 200% better by morning. The heather and dahlias add a perfect punch of color above the lush green garden vegetables and it makes me ridiculously happy.

We’re not the only ones enjoying this oasis of abundant new life in the front yard. We’ve noticed a visitor, Mr. Toad, who sits outside by the front wall near the garden. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of us at all, just curious and watchful. The girls think the garden fairies brought him… I guess he’s their ground transport perhaps?

All Terrain Vehicle to the Garden Fairies

I still need to get pictures of David’s bright red honeysuckle bush, the sweet mint and our topsy-turvy tomato, another dying clearance purchase whose stems are reaching back upward to the sky and sprouting lots of tiny budding fruit. We have a citronella plant that does a very good job of dissuading the mosquitoes, at least so far. I have determined that, sadly, there are no strawberry plants or seeds to be found in this area at this time, so I’m planning to order a few plants in the next week or so.

It’s a work in progress, but I am loving the results we’re getting. We can’t wait to incorporate our homegrown food into our menu, and I love that the kids are so excited. I might even be able to get them to eat more vegetables this way. Maybe.

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  • Mishelle

    Maybe one of the girls needs to kiss Mr. Toad and see if he’s a Prince in disguise!!
    The garden looks awesome! Great job!

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Your garden is looking so awesome! And I love the idea that the toad is the fairies ground transportation… 😉

  • I’m definitely going to tell them that in the morning! He’s a cute
    Toad… but unless he turns out to be a prince that looks like Justin
    Bieber, I don’t think the girls will care. 😉

    Thank you Mishelle

  • Thank you so much Stacy! My girls have such vibrant imaginations! Never ceases to amaze me. 🙂