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There was a time when I made the majority of my girls’ clothing, as well as their cloth diapers, always with love in every stitch. I had an amazingly impressive collection of fabric, bought in bulk from co-ops and at my local fabric store. I took great pride in sitting down at my sewing machine and creating beautiful garments for my daughters.

I’d make t-shirts, dresses & pants from organic hemp jersey and fleece, and buttery soft linens and knits, often using overruns of Painting Red Rhinos (PRR) fabric that were sold to the public. This fabric was made in such a way that you could dye the white background without affecting the printed pattern, allowing for a very professional finished product.

Lakin, who was a toddler at the time, loved to pick out what color her new outfit would be, and then “help” to dye it in a big pot on the stove. After the dyed fabric was washed and dried, she would sit beside me, coloring pictures while I cut out the pattern pieces, and overseeing each step in the creation of her new clothes.

As soon as I finished clipping the threads on her new garment, she wanted to try it on and “go see” herself in the bathroom mirror. I would “1-2-3 JUMP” her up onto the bathroom counter, where she would turn, swivel and check herself out from all angles. This was a critical part of the design process, as this was when Lakin would determine whether she loved her new outfit, or if she wasn’t ever going to wear it without a fight. Luckily for me, she almost always loved her Mama-made clothes!

Over the years, the girls became more picky about what they would and would not wear. They grew bigger, of course, and a yard of fabric wouldn’t go nearly as far. Sewing the girls’ clothes gave way to knitting socks and gloves for their birthdays and Christmas.

Still, I love looking back through my old photo albums and being able to point out all of the outfits that I made. I love that the girls remember which outfits were their favorites, and that we have bags of well-loved outgrown handmade clothes to pass on to my beautiful toddler nieces.

Sometimes I struggle, as I think all mothers do, with wondering if I am a “good enough” mother to my children. Remembering how my children loved helping me to create their clothes, and seeing the way that they hang on my arm while I’m knitting, affirms for me that I am a good mother, and that my daughters recognize and appreciate that.

With Love In Every Stitch - The Destiny Manifest

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  • I wish I could really sew.  I have a machine and managed to crank out a halloween costume for my son last year, but  other than hemming pants, I  haven’t done much real sewing.

  • The trick is to buy easy patterns. The ones from Wal-Mart, Butterick and McCall’s – those make me cry. I can make them but I will futz up the pattern somewhere, always.

    I loved Kwik-Sew patterns – http://kwiksew.com – easy to follow and adapt as you like to make beautiful clothing.

    You can do it! I need to do more of it too. It’s very rewarding. 🙂