Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake!

The “Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake” was the hit of Lakin’s 10th birthday party, to be sure! Everyone loved it… especially the birthday girl, which made me feel great. I don’t consider myself to be all that proficient in the kitchen, but this cake rocked!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cake!

There are quite a few recipes for making a rainbow cake on the internet, but the idea is very basic. I used 3 boxes of plain white Pillsbury cake mix. Each box was mixed separately and separated into two identical glass bowls, so that I could make sure the batter was split into equal parts.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake!

Each bowl was tinted with gel food coloring. I used a “neon” coloring set from the grocery store, because I wanted very vibrant “girly” colors. Pink and purple were the first two layers that were baked, followed by orange and blue. I baked the last two layers, yellow and green, during the next afternoon.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake!

The “secret” was to make two layers at a time and then freeze them. The reason for this is that 6 layers of cake is quite heavy and you want the bottom layers to be able to withstand the weight of the top layers. It’s also much easier to frost the cake when it is solid.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake!

I cut the top off each layer to make sure it was level, and then put a thin layer of icing between each layer. Purple first, then blue, green, yellow, orange and pink on top. This cake used a LOT of icing – even though I made sure the icing was very thin between the layers, I still used up almost two full containers of Pillsbury vanilla icing.

Since I had used up the store-bought icing, we mixed up some homemade icing from butter, cream cheese, vanilla, and powdered sugar. It was light, fluffy, sweet and delicious… perfect!

Once the entire cake was frosted, I sprinkled rainbow candy sprinkles all over the top. The sides were a little more difficult to sprinkle evenly, and we had a lot of fun trying to “toss” them onto the sides. We even tried “slapping” the sprinkles on. Let’s just say that we needed a broom for the kitchen, when all was said and done.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake!

It’s not perfect or professional, but it is delicious and tastes wonderful… and it was so much fun slicing into it and seeing the rainbow cross-section. Lakin adored it!

I couldn’t be more pleased with (and proud of) this rainbow cake!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake!
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  • Wow, this is impressive!  And adorable!

  • Thank you Laura!

  • Bevchris05

    I love it Heather, so pretty you have cooking in your blood your Mama can cook up a storm, gosh i know it is not cooking but i remember pimento cheese home made Very nice thank you for sharing and Tell Lakin Happy Happy Birthday

  • Thank you Bev! That’s my mama’s homemade frosting on that delicious rainbow cake! Nobody in the world cooks like she can. 🙂

  • MolleyMills

    Looks yummy!

    Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day hook Up

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