Better Days

Things are looking up. I finally found my rose-colored glasses! Don’t you hate when things get so misplaced during a move, and months go by before you find whatever widget you’ve been looking for since Day 1?

I’m still pregnant, 7 weeks and 5 days. I’m nauseated with all-day sickness, my boobs hurt, my sense of smell is in overdrive and I’m consuming more than my weight in ice cold water and green grapes, but I feel so confident and happy. The last couple of times we got positive pregnancy tests, we both had an overlying sense of foreboding, almost from the get-go, that something was going to go wrong. This time, we both feel like everything is going to be just fine. I don’t mind the nausea and fatigue, because every second of it brings me closer to our baby.

Not to say that I am enjoying the nausea and fatigue, because it certainly puts a cramp in my busy schedule, but I remind myself frequently that it is temporary and oh so worth it in the long run.

We’re not “out” about the pregnancy to everyone yet. We’re planning to tell everyone at Christmas, when I will be about 14 weeks and well out of the first trimester.

In other news, Addah learned to ride her bike without training wheels! She is so proud and rides all over the place now… round and round the block with her friends, never a trace of boredom or fatigue. Once she decided to learn, it took David about 10 minutes of helping to teach her balance and she was as good as gold. Personally, it took me about 2 years to gain that confidence and skill, so I am mightily impressed with our fearless girl.

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I'm Heather, a married mama of two teen girls, a stillborn baby girl (7/1/12), and a sweet and wild preschool girl (4/2/14). I've been blogging at The Destiny Manifest since 2001. I like to write about appreciating all of the beautiful little things that surround us, particularly in the face of grief, infant loss and mental health issues. Every day is an adventure!

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  • So happy for you, Chick! Still miss you to pieces, though!