All The Pretty Little Horses

I’ve been known to play the odd Facebook game from time to time. Life stays busy and sometimes you need to log out of reality and go harvest a Farmville crop or build a new Castleville royal building in order to keep your sanity. When I saw the opportunity to review Horse Haven, I jumped on it, knowing that both of my daughters would love to play with all the pretty little horses!

All The Pretty Little Horses - Horse Haven for FB

Horse Haven starts you out with a little farm and one cute little pony. The idea is to expand your farm, raise your pony to a horse, add more ponies/horses, breed them, train them, build new buildings… the same basic premise as most Facebook games.

You have a limited amount of energy and each action uses one energy, so it doesn’t take long at all to run out, but that’s actually a bonus in my eyes, since I don’t have oodles of time to spend on a game, and I’d rather my girls not spend all afternoon on one either.

All The Pretty Little Horses - Horse Haven for FB
They ARE awfully cute!

The game is cute, and I would have guessed that it was geared towards children, if it were not on the Facebook platform, which requires that account holders be a minimum of 13 years old. The game play is fairly simplistic, and Addah, who is 9 years old, thought it was “lots of fun and the horsies are SO cute.” She was disappointed that she could not purchase all of the new horses immediately, but would have to earn and save up her “Horse Bucks” for more horses. She pointed out that it’s hard to earn much money unless you have friends who can send you items and help you finish quests.

Lakin, who is almost 11 years old, was a little less enthused with the game. She was excited at first, but after a couple sessions of playing, she said that the quests take too long, that you need to have a lot of friends who also play the game in order to build new buildings, and that there were too many quests to keep track of easily. I logged on myself several times, in between the girls’ play sessions, and found that I completely agree with the girls’ remarks.

All The Pretty Little Horses - Horse Haven for FB
Addah’s little pony, eagerly awaiting her carrot treat

All in all, the game is sweet and has a lot of potential, but the deal breaker for me was the need to add lots of new people to my Facebook account, in order to have other Horse Haven farms to visit and to finish quests. This is a game that I think would be awesome for my kids, if it were on the Nintendo DS or Wii platform, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work for us as it is.

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