My Brother Is Home – Reunion After Army Deployment

My little brother Zeb is home, after a┬ávery long year spent working as a medic with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan! We’re all so excited to have him home safely, especially given that over 30 Purple Hearts were awarded to men in his unit during their deployment.

Zeb brought his lovely girlfriend Charlotte with him. It was our first time meeting her and she fit in as though she has been a part of our family from day one.

The kids colored poster boards welcoming our hero home, and you could feel our excitement in the air as we waited for all of the passengers to disembark. It was a beautiful reunion… hugs and love all around, with so many smiles and nary a bad attitude in sight, even from the toddlers and tweens.
Army reunion - My Brother is Home!

This weekend, my three siblings and I were together for the first time in several years. Colin, Hilary, Zeb and I were able to surprise our parents – they thought Zeb was coming into town a full 36 hours later than he actually did. The surprise on their faces was priceless.

Army reunion - My Brother is Home

It was a beautiful Sunday, filled with laughter and happy giggles of little children. I had a couple of very hard moments, when the happiness felt almost suffocating to me, a nasty reminder of what I am missing, but I managed to get it under control with David’s help. I really enjoyed myself, in spite of myself.

I’m so grateful for my family. We have our moments, as all families do, but these people are the most fun, the most crazy… the most loving. I am lucky to have them, every one of them.
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  • MamaRabia

    Please thank your brother for his service to our country!

  • MolleyMills

    Such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing your brothers homecoming.
    Thank you also for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up