Much To Do About Fall

To celebrate our family’s favorite season, the girls and I came up a list of things that definitely, absolutely, must happen in the coming few weeks. Using one of David’s fall drawings (and similar fall infographics I’ve seen on Pinterest) as a jumping off point, I designed a quick and personalized Fall To-Do List printable to hang by our calendar (and you can even print one for your family).


We’ve already crossed a few of these off our list — baking bread, getting cozy to watch a movie together, making and eating pumpkin pie (with whipped cream). It didn’t make the list, but we’re planning to attend the Carolina Renaissance Faire for my birthday in a couple of weeks… one of our favorite family traditions!
David is pretty adamant that we should visit a corn maze this year, as we had no luck finding one in Keller, Texas last year. I’m sure we were just looking in the wrong places, but we had a heck of a time even locating a real pick-your-own pumpkin patch there!
We missed the local homecoming football game this week, but have plans to attend one of the upcoming games. The girls are excited, as they’ve never been to a football game before, and my best friend’s son is in the marching band this year. Then, of course, we have Thanksgiving and a big dinner at my Mama’s house with family. So much to look forward to! 

So tell me, what’s on your Fall To-Do List this year?
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