The Story of the Robot – Capture Your Grief Project

The Story of the Robot - Capture Your Grief Project

Today is day 13 of the “Capture Your Grief” project. The theme for today is “Signs” and this is the story of the robot picture I chose for this day. It might seem silly to some… but it’s very special to us.

Lakin and Addah had picked out a robot sleeper for our baby, long before we knew whether we were having a girl or boy. It was the first outfit we bought for her, and it will always be special.

David found a little robot mood bracelet at work one night, right after Clara died. The girls put it around the base of Clara’s urn… and it changes colors. No one touches it, but Lakin has reported that it stays blue (happy/content) most of the time, but it turns orange (jealousy/anxiety) when my niece and nephew come over.

I don’t know if we really believe that the robot’s color changes are really Clara communicating with us in some way, but it gives us comfort, and it reminds us that she is always with us, even if only in our hearts and minds.

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