Halloween 2012… Busted

Oh, Halloween.

I really tried this year. I got the house decorated and bought a pumpkin. I debated costumes with the girls and was excited when they came up with a really cute idea — Pac-Man and three of the ghosts. I planned for knitting ghost hats and an embroidered Pac-Man hat for David, pulled out the yarn and measured heads.
And then… all of the sudden, it was October 30. The first hat was 3/4 done. The second, third and fourth hats were untouched balls of yarn. The pumpkin sat, forgotten on the front porch. We bought no candy, made no plans and it was a distinct possibility that we would have no costumes.
Believe me, I have much guilt about this.
I love Halloween! Such a fun holiday, a chance to dress up and become somebody new and exciting! I have always had so much fun helping the kids decide what they want to be, getting costumes together (and often making them from scratch), spray-painted our hair wild colors, carving intricate designs into our myriad of pumpkins, and then setting off on the candy-collecting adventure together. David and I love to dress up too, and we’ve come up with some really cool costumes in the past.
This year, most of that just didn’t happen.
Our pumpkin was carved late Tuesday night. The kids got tired and went to bed about halfway through the process, and David ended up finishing the pumpkin at around 11pm.

I did get the Pac-Man ghost hats done for the girls, at 6:27pm yesterday — a pink “Pinky” ghost hat for Lakin and an orange “Sue” ghost hat for Addah. David had to work until 7pm on Halloween, so that left me, the one who is not a visual artist, to paint fruit and power pellets on their faces.ย 

Mr. Pac-Man rushed in the door at 7:15pm and got a quick Pac-Man on the forehead, the remaining two ghosts on his cheeks and a few power pellets… and we were out the door.
I dressed up as a frazzled mom.
Unfortunately, 90% of the houses we passed between our house and David’s sister’s house were dark and not participating in Halloween. I know that it’s the South, the Buckle of the Bible Belt… but when I was a kid, 90% of the community DID participate in Halloween, and it was a grand adventure where you saw tons of different amazing costumes, collected boatloads of candy, bobbed for apples at neighborhood houses. It’s definitely not like that anymore, and I find that very sad.
In the end, Aunt Mishelle loaded us up with candy and the girls only got to say “trick or treat” to one house – hers. I felt horrible. What a bad mom moment. If only I’d had those hats done sooner, then we could have gotten out earlier, walked around a wider area, met up with friends at least.
As it was, my kids looked fantastic, but they were disappointed. So were David and I.ย Halloween was a bust.
I hope it was better for everyone else. I hope there are still plenty of places where people love Halloween and don’t ruin the holiday for the entire community by preaching that it’s sinful and pagan and that it’s wrong to dress up and have fun and eat candy.
And on that note, here we are on past Halloweens…
2011 – The Year of the Camera Phone
2010 – Medusa & Spartan Soldier {turned to stone}
2009 – Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf
2008 – Lakin as Zombie Butterfly & Addah as Black Kitty

2007 – Princess Leia & Pink Puppy

2006 – Pretty Princess & Mean Witch

2005 – Fire Cat & Ice Dog
2002 – My Little Moo Cow

2001 – Lion Fairy

We do love Halloween… and next year, I’ll do a better job of showing it!

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  • Halloween was a bit of a bust for us too. We bought a lot of candy to pass out since we are close to our little town’s downtown area (and there’s a lot of foot traffic) but we only had a handful of trick or treaters, maybe six or seven? We wondered if because Halloween was on a Wednesday if a lot of churches has their ‘fall festivals” last night.

  • Amy

    I’m sorry your Halloween didn’t turn out great. ๐Ÿ™ Around here, people make a big deal over it and my kids love it. This year, many of the towns around us canceled Halloween altogether because it was too dangerous following Hurricane Sandy. There’s always next year, right? Love the hats! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JanineHuldie

    Oh I am so sorry about your Halloween and I too was fretting this was be a Halloween bust, because we were without power for almost 48 hours from Hurricane Sandy, but miraculously we pulled it off and had a pretty descent Halloween, but it was truly a close call. I hope you have a better Halloween next year, but know that things do happen.

  • It looks like you guys have had some amazing Halloweens! I’m sorry this one didn’t go as planned, but I’m sure you’ll all look back on it and smile. I’m from Georgia, and sometimes people wait until the weekend to trick-or-treat, so maybe there’ll be people out on Friday. You may have another chance! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that’s the case for your family. Happy Halloween!

  • Oh I hope we get another chance this weekend… that would be great! The girls are planning to wear their costumes to a fall festival next weekend, so at least they’ll get to show off their cleverness to someone besides family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh I can’t imagine how far behind we would have been on Halloween if we’d had a power outage! I’m glad you all are safe and that you had a good Halloween!

  • Oh to live in an area that still makes a big deal about Halloween. I’m jealous! Thanks for the compliment on the hats, and I’m glad you’re safe from the storm!

  • I’m sorry you didn’t get more trick-or-treaters. I really think Halloween is just not a cool thing to do anymore in some areas… I hate that!