We Are The Rememberers

David and I are going to our first infant loss support group meeting tonight, hosted by Share Upstate. We’ve talked about going to a meeting since July, but he normally works too late. I’m very nervous about going, at the same time that I’m looking forward to it. I think it will be a very good thing for us to have people around us that have been through similar losses.

I’ve met wonderful people online who have helped me in processing Clara’s death, plus I have this blog as an outlet for my emotions. David doesn’t have those connections or the writing outlet, and he feels like this will help us with working through our grief.

I hope he is right.

Not an hour passes without Clara passing through my heart and mind, and while I never want to forget her, I would like for the pain to dull a little, for it to not cut through me like broken glass whenever I remember her sweet face.

We are the rememberers poem

We are the rememberers,
the people left behind,
to keep the one who’s gone from us
alive in heart and mind;
the people left to cherish and preserve a legacy.
Yes, we are the rememberers…
and we will always be.

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