Poptropica Adventures for Christmas

Poptropica Adventures for Christmas

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You can find Poptropica Adventures for sale online at Amazon.com for only $34.95… a great price for such a great little game!

I knew that my almost-10 year old daughter Addah was going to be very excited to review Poptropica Adventures for Christmas. This game is described as an adventure game from UbiSoft for the Nintendo DS, and she is a huge fan of puzzle solving adventure games. They rank right up there with Petz games for her!

Addah created a fun little Poptropica character and dove right in. There are series of quests that are actually three islands to explore, as you search for missing artifacts that will help you to restore the museum. In one afternoon, she solved puzzles, found her way through mazes, raced a Greek god, and searched through a castle.

Poptropica Adventures for Christmas

She loves the mini-games that are unlocked as quests are completed. Her favorite part is the many different clothes, hats and hair styles that her character can change into, and that she is awarded even more new outfits as she completes quests. Addah would prefer to be able to skip around and do the quests in the order she prefers, rather than having to complete one before she goes on to the next, but it’s not a deal breaker… just something she had to get used to. The game is recommended for children ages 5-12, and I feel it is perfect for Addah’s age group (9/10 year olds) — not so challenging that it’s frustrating, but not so simple that it’s boring.

The only major complaint that Addah and her sister Lakin have with Poptropica Adventures — there is only one profile available. The only way that both girls can play is if they share a game, and at 10 and 11.5 years old, well, they aren’t the best at sharing. In our case, Addah’s game was erased to make way for Lakin’s game, and fireworks ensued. The profile issue is the only thing that kept Addah from giving this game 5 stars – she was less than pleased to have to make her character and unlock her favorite mini games and outfits all over again.

Overall, both of my kids enjoyed this game very much, and continue to play it as often as they can! We highly recommend Poptropica Adventures for the 5-12 year old child in your life — and if they don’t have a Nintendo DS system, we highly recommend them as a Christmas gift too!

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  • JanineHuldie

    Great post Heather. My girls are a bit too young for this one still, but my niece is 8 years old and has a DS. I will definitely mention it my SIL for her.

  • Great review…one of my boys really liked PopTropica when he was younger.

  • It sounds like a great Christmas gift for kids! Great post!