1985 – The Year of the Tacky Necklace

1985 - The Year of the Tacky Necklace

I read a blog post about remembering kindergarten, and I started thinking of my own early school memories.

I started first grade in the Fall of 1985. I wasn’t yet 6 years old, too young to start first grade in public school, so my parents enrolled me in private school. It was a tiny school with a little playground that bordered a larger park in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

I was the youngest kid in a school that had classes from 1st through 8th grade, and I remember only bits and pieces of that school year. My teacher was Mrs. Gold and the classroom was on the bottom floor. I remember taking my preemie Cabbage Patch Kid doll to school for Show and Tell. She was stolen on the playground, never to be seen again. When I think about it now, I wonder why the teacher didn’t search backpacks and find my doll when I cried that she was missing.

I remember that there was a clunky IBM computer in the front office that we were allowed to use every couple of weeks. I have no idea what the specs and details on that computer or program were, but I remember that you had to type in the color and coordinates for each pixel to make a picture.

My most vivid memory of first grade is my mama telling me that I shouldn’t wear my tacky plastic charm necklace over my pretty plaid dress for Picture Day. I cried and begged, but she insisted that I leave it at home. I sulked and hid it in my backpack anyway. When I got to school, I took my precious necklace out and put it on, thinking”Ha! So there, Mama! I showed YOU!” to myself.

I was confident that I had gotten away with it and she would never know that I defied her. Of course, it was Picture Day, and I didn’t think to take the necklace off, so the picture was recorded for posterity.

My mama was not pleased.

Heather in 1st grade

Tell me about your earliest school memories!

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  • Oh I loved this and I actually had a ring of Smurfette in Kindergarten. My mother told me not take it to school, because it may get lost. Well, I took and one of the other little girls I went to school with stole it. I thought I had lost it until her mother actually called my mom up and it got returned when she found it in her daughter’s backpack and found out what she did to it. Still remember that after all this time and this was back in 1982 (yes I am old, lol!).

  • If you were in kindergarten in 1982, you’re only a couple years older than I am… NOT old! We’re just spring chickens, Janine! šŸ™‚

    I stole a Baby Smurf vinyl figurine from the florist across from my house when I was about this age… 5 or 6, I’d guess? My mom made me take it back and apologize. I was mortified!

  • Now you sound like me to Kevin (he is 4 weeks older then me and I never let him forget it, lol!). But seriously, we are still young and have a few more years left. As for the Smurfs, I find it ironic that we both have our stories šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  • LOL. This was great! I have some pretty hideous school pictures myself..shudder.

  • I found a stack of middle school pictures… yikes! I don’t know if I can even bring myself to show them to anyone!

  • Oh to be a child again lol Iā€™m a new follower of your blog from the Monday Mingle Blog Hop! Would love if you could stop by mine. Thanks :0)

    The Three Whiskateers

  • Thanks Rachael!

  • I remember those necklaces! I loved those things.

  • Weren’t they cool? I wish I could remember what charms I had. I kept so much from my childhood (pack rat by default), and I wish I had kept that necklace!