The Gay Dad Project Needs Your Help!

I have a very special project to share with you all.

Erin Margolin (a talented writer and fellow blogger, who was gracious enough to feature me on her blog a couple of weeks ago) is a part of The Gay Dad Project. This special project is for families who have one gay parent and one straight parent.

This project is personal for Erin, whose father came out of the closet when she was a young child. There was no information available to help her, and kids like her, to help them figure out what was happening within their families, and how to cope and process it all. Erin’s goal with The Gay Dad Project is to help other kids in this situation, so that their questions will be answered and they need not ever feel alone.

The Gay Dad Project‘s goal is to raise $20,000 to make a documentary about what it’s like to grow up with one gay parent and one straight. This film has so much potential, and could help change the lives of kids who would otherwise feel confused and uncertain, with no one to answer their questions.

There are only 17 days left for The Gay Day Project to reach their $20,000 goal. As of now, they’re at $8,621, so your contributions are much needed!

If you feel moved to do so, please share this link and the ones below, and help to promote this campaign. If you’re able, please make a donation – even a dollar can help to change the life of a child!

Twitter: @gaydadproject

The Gay Dad Project

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