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It’s another Wordful Wednesday!

I spent my Tuesday evening in the Emergency Room with my oldest daughter, Lakin. She’s had issues with earwax build-up many times over the past 5 years. Apparently some people produce quite a bit more earwax than others, and she is one of those lucky over-producers. We’ve become accustomed to buying earwax removal kits at the pharmacy and peroxide boiling her ears every month or so. Her pediatrician suggested we do this at home after she had a particularly difficult time irrigating Lakin’s ears when she was about six years old. It’s not been a problem at home… she doesn’t fight me and says it feels good.

This past Monday, Lakin told me that her ear felt clogged and we put peroxide in it and cleaned it out as usual. The next morning, she was having trouble hearing in that ear. She stayed home from school and we attempted to clear the ear again, this time with a little more luck. She could hear again through that ear, but asked that I clean her other ear too. Well, we must have dislodged something, because she woke up in the middle of the night in tears from pain. I gave her a warm compress and some tylenol, and she fell asleep. This morning, we called the pediatrician and she suggested we do the whole routine again, this time using a kit from the pharmacy with a warm water sprayer in it. No luck, and this evening she was again feeling pain in her ear.

Off to the Emergency Room we went, getting in line behind ten people who appeared to have various flus and colds. We waited two hours and were finally called back. The doctor was very nice and gentle, and after six more much-more-intensive-than-at-home irrigations, a very large plug of earwax was removed from her left ear. She looked up at the man in wonder and said, “oh wow, I can hear better than ever!” The ER doctor’s opinion is that the plug he pulled from her ear had been accumulating for “a long time” and that the 25% hearing loss that Lakin’s pediatrician attributed to a previous earache, might well have been caused by this large chunk of earwax that has finally been liberated from her ear.

So, maybe we need a new pediatrician? That seems like a pretty big thing to have missed, and perhaps she shouldn’t have advised that we do all the ear care ourselves when Lakin clearly had an ongoing issue.

All that matters to me at the moment though, is that my girl can hear, and hear well! She was very excited and happy as we drove home at 1:30 this morning. “Mom, I can hear more than I ever have before!” are the best words I’ve heard in a long time.

Wordful Wednesday - Can You Hear Me Now?

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  • I have to take Emma to an ENT, because she has a ton of earwax, too. So I could very much relate to your post and so happy they got that large buildup out of Lakin’s ear. I have seen them take tons of earwax out my child’s ear and she is not even 4 years old yet. So, I know what you mean that some just produce more than others. Hope that this solves her problem, but seriously think about an ENT, because it has helped Emma a ton with being able to hear better and just not having all that buildup.

    • We do have a referral to an ENT, and I’m going to talk to them about tubes and any other treatments available. I’m thinking we should have gone this route a long time ago, but better late than never, I suppose.

  • NJ Nelson

    Ahhh. . . poor thing. So gla dshe feels better! Our son used to have problems many yrs ago when he was a little guy – they put tubes in hs ears and that seemed to help?? Happy WW!

    • The doctor last night mentioned tubes and gave us a referral to an ENT, so we’ll see what they say. I always assumed tubes were for little ones, but maybe I’m wrong on that? I guess we’ll find out!

  • Susan Zutautas

    I know what your daughter is going through as I have the same problem with wax build up. Glad she’s doing better now.

  • Cyndi

    I’m so glad she can hear! I don’t know about her pediatrician other than yeah, sometimes people make mistakes but how could she not catch it? Oh well, I’m just glad she’s all right! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    • People do make mistakes… I certainly do, but multiple visits over several years and she always said “well there’s a little build-up but nothing abnormal”. I dunno, after what I saw come out of my kiddo’s ears last night, I’m not really buying that. I’m just glad she’s in good shape now!

  • Oh wow, I’d definitely think about replacing the pediatrician. So glad Lakin is OK and can hear better than ever now! 🙂

    Signs of Creativity with a MacGyver Twist

    • Yep, we’re pediatrician-shopping. I have always really liked our doctor on a personal level, but I feel like she fell down on this one.

  • Hmm…sounds fishy to me. But awesome that your daughter can in fact hear. Thanks for sharing!

    Diana @ NannyToMommy

  • I am so glad that worked out! So stressful!

    • Thanks Isaac! Yes, it was very stressful, for Lakin and for me, so I’m glad it worked out like it did.

  • angie

    I”m so glad she can hear… rule of thumb has always been that you are your childs best advocate and if they aren’t getting the best care……move on. 🙂

  • Yep, time for a new doctor! My son has wax issues too and we do the peroxide routine, he usually ends up falling asleep in my lap while I’m doing it. LOL I think he gets it from his dad who had to see the doc twice this past week for plugged ears. Glad your daughter is doing much better! 🙂

  • Loy

    Glad your daughter is hearing better at last.