A Snow Day in South Carolina

We had no idea it was supposed to snow this weekend.

Snow Day in South Carolina

A couple of weeks ago, we had heard that snow was expected, so we’d done the usual preparations that South Carolina residents (who are not used to snow and ice) do – we bought bread and milk. I checked the local weather before bed and set text message alerts to wake me up if the schools were delayed or closed. We all went to bed with high expectations of waking up to snowy, icy roads and a day out of work and school.

The next morning, the sky was grey but there was no sign of any precipitation, and we dropped our disappointed kids off at school at the usual time. We came home so David could make coffee and get ready for work, and I sat down to write. By 9 o’clock, David’s boss called and told him not to come in to work because school officials were about to send the kids home for the day. It was misting rain by now, but certainly didn’t look like it was going to be the snowy day that we’d previously expected. We drove back to the elementary and middle schools to collect the kids, who were once again sure that the sky would begin pouring snow at any moment.

Sadly, this never happened. It got a little icy, but not enough to keep anyone from driving. Nary a flake of snow was spotted, and we were all a little let down by our local meteorologists, though of course we did get a lovely day out of school and work.

Fast forward to this past weekend – I had heard nothing from anyone about snow, and it wasn’t any more cold than it has been, so I hadn’t checked the weather at all this week. On Saturday afternoon, we decided that a trip to Lowe’s was in order. The temperature controls in our little apartment are not the greatest, and when it’s nice and warm in the living room and the girls’ bedroom, it’s a sauna in our bedroom. If we turn the heat way down, or off, at night, we can sleep comfortably, but the girls wake up cold and the living room feels like an ice box by 7 in the morning.

We needed a fan for the bedroom, and that’s not an easy thing to find in the dead of winter. Space heaters, portable electric fireplaces, radiant heat sources, even kerosene heat blowers – readily available. A simple little box fan – not so much. We had checked Home Depot and Target the week before and neither had fans in stock (and their salespeople looked at us like we were nuts for making such a ridiculous request, too). This boggles my mind a little, that a fan should be so hard to find. We don’t live in Canada, or Maine, or Vermont, or any place that is buried in snow all winter. We’re in South Carolina, where it might be 35 degrees at night but 65 degrees by noon on the next day.

I digress. We went to Lowe’s on our fan quest, and the sun was shining, sky was clear. We went into the store and waited while the salesperson confirmed that they did have a pallet of box fans, brought out the scissor lift and stacked them down for us. We were out the door within 20 minutes of entering, and we walked out into a blizzard!

The family with our new fan, in a snow storm!

It was snowing, big flakes falling fast and hard! We ran through the parking lot, getting soaked and cold on the way. It was beautiful and the kids were ecstatic! “Mom, look at it! Oh wow! There’s so much snow!” We drove home through the swirling snow and ran in the house just long enough to drop off our new fan (oh, how our neighbors laughed when they heard how we bought a fan during a snow storm!) and put on warm, dry clothes, then we were all back outside.

We made a little snowman, supervised a game of snow tag between the neighborhood kids, and ended up having a feisty snowball fight with our upstairs neighbors. We let them win, but only because my hands were so cold that they were burning! David and did take a moment before we went inside to write Clara’s name in the snow and reflect on how it would have been her first snowfall.

Clara's name in the snow

The snow was beautiful and I hoped that it would last much longer than it did. It started at around 1:30pm, stopped by 5pm, and by 7pm had melted enough that we had more grass than snow in the backyard again.

So, a pretty typical snow day for South Carolina, though I continue to hope, as I do every winter, for a heavy snowfall that leaves us housebound for a few days at a time. I do love snow!

Does it snow where you live? Do you love it or are you sick of it and ready for spring?

Addah in the snow

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  • Oh man, I wish to god that I would say that no it doesn’t snow here, but after the blizzard we had a few weeks back, I am so ready for spring now. But I do agree that it looks so pretty as it is falling, but still longing for the beach and warm weather now!!

  • i love snow but never been to such a place. I want to visit snowy country one day.

    visiting u from Aloha Friday.

  • I’m in SC, too! I did not know that snow was coming but it was a nice surprise.