Thoughts on Social Media – Finish the Sentence Friday

Finish the Sentence Friday

I needed something lighter to think about, after my emotional post from yesterday, so this Friday, I’m joining in with “Finish the Sentence Friday”, hosted by Janine at Confessions of a Mommyaholic.

This week’s sentence to finish is “You want to know what I think of social media? I think…” and if you choose to join in with your response, make sure to go link up so everyone can read what you think about social media!

You want to know what I think of social media?

I think that, for the most part, it’s an amazingly powerful tool that I have not been using to its’ full potential. I have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, a Google+ page, and a lot of Pinterest boards. I use Tumblr and StumbleUpon, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn. Some of these I’m more adept at than others. Some I just don’t get.

I’ve been posting a quote a day on my Facebook fan page, and I am really enjoying that, not just because I love looking for obscure and meaningful quotes, but also because other people love quotes as much as I do, and it brings about great engagement and conversation when one quote speaks to several people at the right time. I don’t post too many personal details on my FB fan page, because I don’t want to bug my followers, and I figure they can always read the blog for the personal stuff. It’s not like I’m holding much back here, y’know?

Facebook frustrates me a bit though. I used to just post my blog links and go on my way. Now FB won’t show updates with links to all of my fans, so I have to post a picture with the link, or post a catchy something to make someone want to read the post and then stick the link in the comments. It’s a sticky and slightly more time-consuming way of reaching my Facebook followers, and a bad call on Facebook’s part, in my opinion.

Twitter… I love to read twitter, but I have a little trouble actively engaging people there. I post links… not only mine, but great blog posts and articles of interest that I find in my daily perusing of the Internet, but I have trouble coming up with the witty one-liners that draw people in the retweeting and favoriting. In person, I think I’m pretty funny… sarcastic, a little bawdy. I don’t translate well to Twitter, so except for the odd conversation that I jump into the middle of, I probably seem pretty out of touch on Twitter. I’m reading you, Twitter, but you bring out my social anxiety.

I’m getting better at Google+. I’ve been invited to several communities and found great conversations and people there. I’m still learning the ropes, but I can see G+ becoming bigger than Facebook, one of these days.

Pinterest… I love Pinterest. I spent far too much of my day searching and clicking and repinning and coming up with new boards. Oh, and reorganizing my old boards. I think Pinterest is the bee’s knees, and while I wish my stuff was pinned a little more, I am still very much enjoying my time there. Now if I could just get my source page fixed — it only shows one pin from my page, but I can assure you that there have been many many more than that – Pinterest Help Center is supposed to get back to me on this one.

The other social media outlets don’t get as much use from me as they could. I do love StumbleUpon, but rarely have time to just stumble from page to page across the Internet. My Tumblr page is automatically updated with my blog posts, but that’s honestly about as much attention as I give it. I have not finished setting up my LinkedIn account yet… and I really should do that. I use YouTube to look at music videos. I can’t bring myself to vlog yet, though it’s on my to-do list. Reddit… I set up an account so I could follow my little brother, but the whole layout confuses me, so I haven’t done anything with it.

I really could do much better with social media, and I plan to work on this, as soon as I finish making the (seemingly endless) updates to the SEO that disappeared from every single page in my blog when I switched from Blogger to WordPress.

In the meantime, if you’re not following me already on social media, I’d love it if you would. Although I can’t promise not to be an awkward Twitter conversationalist when you talk to me, I will try not to embarrass either of us in front of our other followers. So what do you think? Can we be friends?

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I'm Heather, a married mama of two teen girls, a stillborn baby girl (7/1/12), and a sweet and wild preschool girl (4/2/14). I've been blogging at The Destiny Manifest since 2001. I like to write about appreciating all of the beautiful little things that surround us, particularly in the face of grief, infant loss and mental health issues. Every day is an adventure!

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  • Angie Brewer

    Stopping by to say hi and to thank you for linking up at the Aloha Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    With Smiles,

    Angie at

  • Oh Heather, you know I love you and follow. I am with you that I am learning on a few that you mentioned, especially StumbleUpon. Thanks a ton for linking this up with us and hope you are having a good day today!! 🙂

    • Today has been a pretty good day, surprisingly. Thanks Janine!

  • Stephanie Sprenger

    Twitter brings out my social anxiety, too. And I am so with you on FB’s new policies of not showing all your fan page updates to people It seems really underhanded and it makes me angry. If someone “likes” a page, they should be able to see everything that is posted! I hate putting my link in the comments… I am planning to join PInterest soon, but I am so afraid I will get lost on there for hours at at time. Thanks for linking up with us for #FTSF!

    • Thank you for co-hosting FTSF, Stephanie! 🙂

  • I have a presence at most of the media most people use… FB and Twitter and (even Pinterest) mostly because that seems to be what the people who I see that are ‘successful’ at the blog thing do. I don’t know how much of these I would be involved with if I did not have a blog.
    Actually I do know, probably none of them.
    Having said that, I can, without reservation, state that what I have gained (through using these social media) is way, totally way more than just the increased exposure to Readers of my blog.
    And I don’t limit what I feel the benefits of the FB and twitter and all, to just the people I have met and the friends that I have made, but the development of my skill at writing an effectively presented blog.

    so I guess that, other than being Satan’s greatest invention, the social mediae are not all that bad.

    • I am involved with most of these social media outlets outside of using them as a blog tool, and I know I would continue to use those (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon). The others… well, I have a feeling that at some point I will become just as attached to them!

  • Just followed you on Twitter. I’m impressed by how much you use Pinterest and StumbleUpon. I should use those tools more. And you’re so right about Facebook being annoying with the rule changes regarding how people who have already “liked” our pages see our feeds. Seeing them should be default. Annoying!

    • StumbleUpon brings me great traffic, as does Pinterest – increasing every day! Thanks for replying, Kristi!