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Finish the Sentence Friday

I’m late but I’m still joining in with “Finish the Sentence Friday”, hosted by Janine at Confessions of a Mommyholic.

This week’s sentence to finish is “I did something stupid once…” and if you choose to join in with your response, make sure to go link up so everyone can read what you think about social media!

I did something stupid once… five times… actually, I’ve done a whole lot of stupid things. Haven’t we all? Even if you take the sex, addictions, old boyfriends and ex-husband out of the mix, I’ve met many less than stellar decisions in my 33 years on this planet.

  1. I lost my car and house keys for an entire day once. I searched everywhere in the house and car, and finally enlisted the help of my neighbor to find the errant keys. We searched together for another hour or so, finally giving up and deciding to fix a drink to drown our sorrows. Guess what I found in the freezer, hiding behind the vodka bottle? Um… yeah, my keys. I used to drink a lot. Very stupid.
  2. One fine day, I left my house in the morning to take the kids to school. I closed the locked front door behind me before I realized that I had left the keys and my purse on the kitchen counter. Luckily, my bedroom window was unlocked. so I finagled it open and fed my 5 year old daughter through the window. She came around and unlocked the front door for me, then needed to use the potty before we could leave again. While we were waiting for her, my 3 year old decided she needed to pee and couldn’t wait, so I changed her pull-up and got her redressed. We left the house, now late for school, and as the locked front door closed behind us… I realized I’d never gotten my dang purse and keys! Through the window again, my child!
  3. I’ve lost my sunglasses on top of my head more times than I can count.
  4. Years ago, I would resize all of my pictures of my kids to a nice web-savvy size. This was in the dial-up days, so pictures couldn’t be as large as they can be now, or they’d never download for most people. I saved over the originals, not thinking anything of it. The result is that now, many of my pictures of my kids’ first years are too pixelated to properly print out in 3×5 size. I hate that… it makes me feel very stupid, and there’s nothing that can be done about it now.
  5. In 2005, while preparing for a cross country road trip from Georgia to San Diego, California and back, the ex and I bought a soft luggage rack for the top of our fairly new car. It was supposed to clip onto the top frame of each door, mounting it safely for the road trip. Thing is, we ordered the wrong size, so it didn’t want to clip on properly. No worries there, we just peeled back the rubber seal on the doors so that the clips would work. Except, you know, the rubber seal is there for a reason, which we didn’t consider in our haste to just get the installation done. The doors leaked when it rained from that day forward… quite a hard lesson learned.

That’s just the first five things that spring to mind when I think of stupid things I’ve done. I know there are many more… so many more.

What stupid things have you done that you can laugh about now?

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4 Replies to “5 Stupid Things I’ve Done – #FTSF”

  1. First of all love that graphic and if you created it, totally awesome!! Your list of 5 things, I have done a few including losing my keys and not being able to locate for hours and the sunglasses, I have done that too many times to count anymore. Seriously, thanks for sharing and linking up with us again, Heather!! 🙂

  2. Visiting from Mom’s Monday Mingle. I once locked the car with the keys still inside. oh yeah… and the baby! I hope you’ll share it at this week’s Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution (www.thejennyevolution.com). Would love to have you join our community.

  3. lol Happy to know I’m not the only one that locks myself out of the house–back to back! 😀 I’m always looking for my cell phone–the one in my hand with Words with Friends on it haha. I can relate to basically everything you wrote about 🙂 Nice to meet you!

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