Easter Flashback Pictures

It’s time for an Easter Flashback!

I love looking at pictures of my big girls when they were little. Looking at the girls now, at 10 and 11, it’s hard to believe they were once so toddler chubby adorable, so kindergarten sweet. Where did those years go?!

I’ve picked out some of my favorites from past Easters to share this week. I never realized just how informal we are about Easter, until I had all of these pictures in the same place. Some years we have the pretty dresses and beautiful pictures, but some years we didn’t bother with the fancy dress clothes at all. We always have candy and baskets and hide Easter eggs though… you know, the important stuff!

Easter Flashback - Lakin 2002
Lakin – 8 months – 2002

Easter 2003
Lakin (20 months) and Addah (3 months) – 2003
Easter - Addah and Lakin 2004
Addah (15 months) and Lakin (2.5 years) – 2004
Easter 2005
Addah (2 years) and Lakin (3.5 years) – 2005
Easter 2006
Lakin (4.5 years) and Addah (3 years) – 2006
Easter 2007
Addah (4 years) and Lakin (5.5 years) – 2007
Easter 2008
Addah (5 years) and Lakin (6.5 years) – 2008
Easter 2009
Lakin (7.5 years) – 2009
Easter 2009
Addah (6 years) – 2009
Easter 2010
Addah (7 years) and Lakin (8.5 years) – 2010
Easter 2011
Lakin (9.5 years) and Addah (8 years) – 2011
Easter 2012
Lakin (10.5 years) and Addah (9 years) – 2012

Isn’t it amazing how much they’ve grown in just a few short years?

Have a Happy Easter weekend!

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  1. Have a great Easter weekend. 🙂 Your girls are so cute! And you reminded me: it’s probably going to be a low-traffic weekend. Sounds like a good time to go out of town to do some serious hiking (my hubby and I are doing that tomorrow, lol)

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