Simple Yarn Roses – Crafts by Kids

My daughter Addah has been crafting simple yarn roses this week!

She’s made lots of roses… enough for an entire wreath of roses, plus a pin for each of us (as well as my mom, David’s mom, her aunts, her teachers, her best friends and the neighbor lady across the hall. I don’t know what sparked the rose fascination, but she came up with these crafty roses herself, and I had to ask her to show me how she makes them.

Simple Yarn Roses - Crafts by Kids
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Addah starts each rose out by cutting a circle out of green construction paper for the flower’s base. Sometimes she cuts the leaves out separately and glues them on first, and sometimes she cuts the leaves right along with the circle, essentially cutting a circle with a small triangle at each side.

She’s using Elmer’s white glue and an acrylic chenille red yarn that she liberated from my vast yarn stash. She starts in the center and uses a little glue to secure the end of the yarn, then proceeds in an outward circle. She works a little at a time… a few dots of glue to hold each ring of yarn in place. Proceed in this manner until the entire circle is covered and you’ve got a very sweet little yarn rose!

And there you have it, rose lovers!

Addah cautions that using too much glue will make a very stiff flower, whilst too little will make your flower fall apart. Apparently there is a delicate balance that cannot be explained with mere words – when I ask for clarification, the artist shrugs and says, “just try it, you’ll know when you have the right amount”.

For her pins, she cut slits in the paper base and slid one side of the safety pin through it before she began the yarn and glue phase of the project. David has worn his rose pin to work for several days and it looks no worse for wear. Mine is pinned to my pocketbook and has so far survived beautifully, even while being tossed around the car and house.

I’m trying to talk her into expanding beyond red yarn into other bright colors… it’s a bit late for a Valentine’s Day wreath, but I think pink, white and yellow roses would make a gorgeous spring wreath!

Simple Yarn Roses - Crafts by Kids

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