Rainbow Tinted Mason Jars – #WW Link-Up

Rainbow Tinted Mason Jars

I’ve had this pretty little Pinterest project for rainbow tinted mason jars saved for a long time, and I finally decided to give it a whirl. I love everything about this project… the mason jars and the bright rainbow colors! Not being able to use these particular jars for food storage or drinking anymore is a small price to pay — I can still use the jars for flower vases!

I followed Liz at Momtastic’s tutorial directions almost exactly. I mixed the Mod Podge, food coloring and water directly in the mason jars, instead of using individual small ramekins. I don’t have that many tiny bowls, and I didn’t want to use our cereal bowls, and mixing everything directly seemed to work just fine. I found that, for me, liquid food coloring mixed up much better than gel food coloring. The gel wanted to stick in clumps and those colors (pink and yellow) are the ones that streaked more during the baking/drying process.

Rainbow Tinted Mason Jars

The tutorial advises baking the jars for an initial 10 minutes, then flipping them over and baking them for an additional 20-30 minutes. My jars had to sit in the warm oven for a lot longer than 20-30 minutes. There were still a lot of streaks at that point, and I ended up leaving the jars in the oven for closer to an hour after the initial time Liz stated.

Rainbow Tinted Mason Jars

I really love these rainbow tinted mason jars! So pretty! We took the pink mason jar to Clara’s gravestone to hold her flowers. I have been keeping daisies in the green mason jar. Lakin and Addah have claimed the purple and yellow ones – Lakin has her money stored in her jar, while Addah has her bottle cap collection in her jar.

I’m wondering if it would work to paint the Mod Podge/food coloring onto the outside of the jar, up to the point where the tops screw on, so that they could still be used for food storage. It’s worth an experiment, I think… though if it works, I’m going to have to make about a dozen more of these lovely jars!

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    1. Thanks Katia! I actually love the untinted Mason jars just as much, especially the ones with pretty strawberries and fruit on them… but these are a nice, bright addition to my line-up! 🙂

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